How to make a step to stop animal cruelty!

Make a Step to Stop Animal Cruelty!


I'm not looking to offend anyone nor trying to. This is not an act against chinese people at all. It's an act against the cruelty that is happening there right now. I know this happens all over.

It happens here in America a lot to With those factory farms and other cruel things that I'd never finish naming.

I'm focused in China right now because of the horrible dog abuse that's happening there. Brazil is sending in their stray dogs to China where they go through HELL. Nothing less, a lot more.

The things that go on are CRUEL and INHUMANE. I have a new saying. "If you wouldn't do it to a baby, DON'T do it to an animal"

I know some people must think I'm stupid for comparing an animal to a baby. The truth is though , they're very alike. They're the most lovable,innocent,judge-less souls around.

Many people look at animals as if they're nothing but a dirty rag. Sorry to break it you but animals are better than us humans. All they give is love. And what do we give? Hate.

All I'm asking is for anyone who loves animals to please follow this link and read it& sign

I love animals and I want to help them. Sadly I can't do it alone. For those of you who love a dog think about what they'd be going through. Read my petition to know what they do.

Most important of all please sign it and help me get as many signs possible so we can maybe save some lives. Animals are beautiful. They deserve their rights. Thank you(:

the link "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi. Cliche but true(:

Why would anyone do this? I'm not showing anything worse than this . Don't worry.

Why would anyone do this? I'm not showing anything worse than this . Don't worry.

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