Open your clutch purse and make sure it is big enough to fit: a small notebook and pen, earphones, phone charger, mints, lip-gloss and make-up, cash, deodorant and hand cream.

Place a small notebook and pen in the clutch in a way that they won't be damaged.

Put tech essentials such as earphones and a phone charger in your bag.

Put assorted lip gloss in clutch; I use a natural brand called Inika Lip Whips in their darkest colours, and I also by cheap bright Priceline lip gloss.

Place makeup in bag: I use light tan concealer, green and purple eye-liner, and white eye-shadow. Plus a few others!!

We all know you need cash! Deodorant is a plus; you don't want your boyfriend thinking you stink after your PE class!

Mints: Mentos, Eclipse, Fisherman's Friends... or just plain gum. Maybe a very small tube of breath-freshener?

Who doesn't love hand cream in your favourite scent? That's all BTW; please comment, like, and follow!

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