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How to make a patio set from old bricks and beach wood

Make a Patio Set From Old Bricks and Beach Wood


This project turned out great and is a eye-catching, functional recreation area and it cost less than $20. Meant to inspire you to create using reclaimed materials, it's a cool thing to do.

I planned the planter-bench around these two beach log chunks and a busted up wood box that had washed up.

I started by setting out the 3 elements out as i wanted them and then drew in the perimeter on the patio.

Started to lay bricks in a rectangle just slightly over the lines I drew.

Some of the bricks had mortar stuck to them. A hammer took it off and I placed it in the benches to solidify things and protect it from heavy wayward feet.

On one layer I put a few in crossways just for strength. May have been unnecessary.

Add the top elements, box and benches.

Fill planter with a bag a potting soil and add summer plants to compliment the color of the bricks.

It's done and I'm satisfied but there are still bricks. I am gonna build a barbecue stand.

Yay!! Patio set, completely removable as its not mortared but perfectly sturdy and looks fantastic. Cost $20, bricks had to be hauled but they were free! Bought soil, and plants. Took 10 hrs. Peace

  • Bricks from a chimney removal at a home renovation
  • Wood from the beach.
  • Hammer
  • Soil
  • Plants