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How to make a motor

Make a Motor


The paper clips need to be bent in a way that allows the coiled wire to rest on the paper clips.

Once the paper clips are bent as needed, the motor can be assembled. Start by placing a paper clip on either side of the battery, and then use the rubber band to hold the paper clips into place.

Then place the magnet onto the battery.

After the magnet is attached to the battery, we are ready to see if the motor will run. Place the coiled wire into to designated grooves of the paper clip.

Once the coiled wire is in place, the wire should begin spinning. This means that you have created a successful motor!

  • 1.0 D battery
  • 2.0 paper clips
  • 1.0 rubber band
  • 1.0 magnet
  • 1.0 coiled wire with exposed ends