How to make a mind calming glitter bottle❤️

Make a Mind Calming Glitter Bottle❤️


STEPS: 1. Get the VOSS waterbottle 2. Put warm sink water into the bottle 3.ADD CLEAR GLUE 4. ADD GLITTER! 5. Mix/shake for about a minute 6. ADD FOOD COLORING

After you're finished with adding the glue water and glitter, if you want more DON'T BE AFRAID TO ADD IT!!

(REMINDER: You can mix the different colors of glitter and dye it will not matter once you put the dye in)

(REMINDER: When your done mixing everything in you're going to want at least one bubble left inside the bottle so it can continuously get mixed up and not clump)

Here's a few videos of the finished therapeutic glitter bottle!!

  • Extra fine Glitter (shapes optional)
  • Clear glue
  • Hot water
  • A VOSS water bottle
  • Either duck tape or electrical
  • Mini wisk optional for mixing
  • Food dye