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First make tea. Make pitcher using 5 scoops of the provided scooper for a gallon sized pitcher.

Next add 1/4 cup of sugar then fill pitcher with water and mix thoroughly

Put lemon slices in pitcher and refrigerate until cold. Note: don't use ice as this will water down your drink

Next get a 16 ounce glass and put in freezer while tea is getting cold.

Pull out glass and pour in 1oz rum 1oz Barcardi limon 1oz tequila then add splash of seltzer water for a sparkling taste

Finally fill the rest of the way with the tea Give a quick stir and enjoy. Note: the tea, rum, and, tequila are of preference as there are so many different kinds out there.

You can experiment with different liquors, teas, and flavors. No Long Island is made the same but this is your basic version I will add more advanced recipes

I use a Barbados rum and 2 types of tequila Jose Cuervo and Patron Silver. The tequilas have the most kick so I double up on those but it's all preference. Ps. Don't Drink and Drive

  • 1.0 Can of Lipton tea powder
  • 2.0 Lemons
  • Sugar
  • Rum
  • Barcardi limon
  • Tequila
  • Seltzer water