How to make a lipstick pencil for school!

Make a Lipstick Pencil for School!


So the first step is to take the eraser out of the pencil make sure the metal part stays on.

Next you scoop a chunk of lipstick or chopstick out. Make sure it is a minimum of 4 cm.

Put the lipstick/chapstick into an old bowl (not metal).

Put into the microwave, wait for it to melt.

While it is in the microwave, grab the pencil and wrap the piece of parchment paper around the top. Tip: make sure it is nice and snug, or it wont work well.

Now take out of the microwave! Be careful it might be hot!

Pour lipstick into the parchment paper.

Wait for it to dry for around 10-15 mins

Your done! I hope you liked this, and if you really did than please give this a like!

  • Pencil
  • Old lipstick or chapstick
  • Parchment paper
  • Stove or microwave
  • Tape