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First,get a piece of paper.

Then get a colored piece of paper wrote the name of your friend write it on the paper.

Next you get another piece of paper and you put lines on it.

After you do number 12 and three you get a piece of paper then you wright name address city age State .

Then you get a black pencil and write either bon voyage or I will miss you then you get A ruler and make three lines you either say have a nice trip or I'll miss you so very much I will see you

Now you get popsicle sticks and paint a post card and stickers then you get the postcard then you paint it put for stickers on it then put popsicle sticks on the top and bottom.

Then you get your flower then you take the petals and glue them on then you staple all of the pages together.

After you do that do you get to the first page and you put your so sweet after that you write a poem

My poem said i'd like to write a verse to Rhyme but that will take a little time can't give a reason or tell you why I'd send this poem but I'm too shy. That was the first verse of my poem

This is my jorney book.

This is my jorney book.

  • Papper
  • Flowers
  • Pencil
  • Stickers
  • A friend