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How to make a haul video

Make a Haul Video


Have everything set up and ready to go: camera, bags from the stores you've been, and definitely the background.

You ALWAYS want to look presentable. Try putting some makeup on. I prefer putting on however you'd wear makeup. Also, have something nice to wear. Especially a top. And your hair must look good also.

Be confident. Speak like you're talking to your best friend, showing the things you bought. The best friend in these haul videos are the camera.

Always smile and be positive.

Look up some inspirations. Either a beauty guru or one of those cutest girls in school. However, be yourself. Don't try to copy their style.

Never babble. I always always do this and it would really take me minutes to edit the video out. So just get to the point. Show every single detail that you think is interesting about the products.

Editing should be easy if you did not take minutes telling a story that does not incorporate with the video. A haul video is to show the things you've got. But telling a story is fine too.

Make sure to preview the video before you upload. Watch it at least 2 times before uploading.

The purpose of these haul videos aren't bragging. It's about showing your style to others. Just like sharing your style, pretty much. Just have fun.

:) This is my first guide. I really hope you all liked it. Have a lovely day!

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