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How to make a halloween bracelet

Make a Halloween Bracelet


First empty your beads into 3 plastic cups. Cup 1: Charms Cup 2: Colored beads Cup 3: Silver beads

Attach one jump ring to each charm loop. Close jump rings completely using pliers.

On one end of the wire, thread on a crimp bead followed by one of the smaller silver beads. Then add one of the clasps.

Thread the wire back through the silver beads and crimp bead adding one more small silver bead before crimping thread end closed into crimp. Trim off excess wire.

Follow the bead pattern in the photo that came in your bracelet kit to match the example bracelet, or have fun making your own design!

Once all beads have been added, repeat steps 3&4 to attach second clasp to close bracelet. Enjoy!

  • 2 needle nose plyers
  • 1 scissor
  • 1 bracelet kit
  • 3 plastic cups for beads