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How to make a glass bottle or jar look like sea glass

Make a Glass Bottle or Jar Look Like Sea Glass

Start with a glass bottle or jar.

Start with a glass bottle or jar.

Then, get all the sticker residue off, soaking in hot water helps, but there are other guides with instructions on how to get it off.

Then pour some glue 1-3 teaspoons will do, into a small container, a medicine cup works great, and add a few drops of food coloring in, till you

Get the color you like, the color will be MUCH lighter when you put it on the glass.

Now take a soft bristled paintbrush or a foam brush and paint the mixture onto the bottle, do one coat all over, the mixture will separate in some parts, but

We will fix that with the second coat. Let the first coat dry, mine took overnight.

Then it will look like this.

Then it will look like this.

Then do a second coat, let dry, and you're done!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please check out my other guides!

  • Glue
  • Food coloring
  • Glass