First go and lay out your newspaper on the floor {I recommend you doing this outside so there is no mess}

After that get your wire and get someone to put it around your head to get the right measurement for you, and just cut of any remaining wire.

Then just make sure no sharp bits are sticking out and cut them. After that it should fit perfectly on your head! Then get a glue or a hot glue gun ready to stick on the fake flowers.

Then get your flowers and glue them onto the peice of wire, you can customise it however you want.

After that wait for it to dry and make sure there's alot! Of sun for it to dry. Once it's dry there you have your flower crown. :)

Hope you enjoyed! <3

  • You will need:
  • *wire
  • *fake flowers
  • *glue
  • *newspaper
  • *sharp sissors
  • *and sun!!