How to make a flour stress ball

Make a Flour Stress Ball


First, take an empty water bottle and fill it with 2/3 cup of flour

Then prepare 3 of the same colored balloons and 1 color of your choice

Take 2 of the balloons and cut the top off just above where it starts to curve

Take the balloon with the top not cut off and put the mouthpiece around the water bottle with flour ( blowing the balloon up and twisting it then placing it around the mouthpiece and letting go)

Tip the bottle upside down and squeeze or shake the bottle so it forces the flour in

Remove the balloon from the bottle and try to work out any air gaps by squeezing gently

Place the balloon on a flat surface and cut the top off

Next take one of the balloons with the tops cut off and stretch it around the flour balloon

Take the last of the same colored balloons and wrap it around where there is a circle visible

Lastly take the balloon that is a different color and cut off the top, cut 2 small holes on the side of the balloon

Wrap the flour balloon

Now you have a stress ball for less than a dollar

  • 2/3c flour
  • 4.0 party balloons
  • scissors
  • plastic water bottle