How to make a diy temporary redish pink hair dye

Make a DIY Temporary Redish Pink Hair Dye


Mix two koolaid packets( strawberry tropical punch or black cherry) in a cup with 1/8 cup of water and a couple squirts of conditioner

HAVE SOMEONE ELSE DO THIS STEP ON YOU! Put a piece of foil under the piece of hair you want dyed . Fold it up slightly at the sides and ends so no dye slips off. Heavily spoon or brush dye on hair

Fold up the foil piece close to your head and either clip it with a claw close to your head or rubber band it. If it starts to leak just double foil wrap it .

Leave this in for 2 to 5 hours depending on hair color and how big the hair piece is. If your hair is very dark this will not work for you.

This dye does not permanently stain so dont freak out if you get it on your clothes or something. (Ive gotten it out of a white shirt) i usually do this in the mudroom so nothing important gets ruined

When its time to take it out un clip it and remove foil. Rinse the hair out in your bathtub . Make sure all the access dye gets out of your hair. Dry the peice of hair to see the full color .

  • 2 koolaid packets
  • Conditioner
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Spoon
  • Foil
  • Old clothes
  • ClawS or hair ties