How to make a diy glow in the dark lamp

Make a Diy Glow in the Dark Lamp


If you are using the G.I ( glow in) the dark bands, take your scissors and carefully cut one of the ends and place band halfway into one of your jars.

(You should use your gloves during this, if you don't just make sure not to get this on your skin). Now, take the band and shake it in the jar. Don't let the band fall in!

Now, optionally take another band and repeatedly do this until you are satisfied with your colors. Place a lid and you're done!

If you were to do this with paint, take your brush and paint and just splat it all around in the jar just like with the bands. Either way, you'll have an awesome dec. to use!!

  • G.I the dark paint
  • (Or) G.I the dark bands
  • Glass jars
  • Scissors
  • Gloves (additional)