Pray all night for God to help you select your disciples

Spend tons of time with your disciples.

Teach your disciples how to live in the kingdom. Use simple stories and examples when they don't get it.

Get rid of the disciples that don't want to love and follow Jesus. Get rid of the people that want programs and rules instead of a relationship. Keep the leftovers.

Show your disciples how to be servants and lovers of all people's

Release your disciples to make some mistakes Be patient.

Be available.

Help them understand their unique role in the kingdom.

Get out of the way so they begin to see Jesus instead of you.

Become grandparents of your disciples new children. Give advice if they ask for it. Sit back and smile. You made a disciple of Jesus! :)

  • 1.0 You
  • 1.0 Holy Spirit
  • 1.0 Bible
  • 1.0 Intention