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So first things first, go to youtube and watch "The Story of Stuff"

Now that you've watched that video, you probably feel the need to do something. (Hopefully)

So, what I am going to do, is help you find simple & easy ways to help.

1. Although she said that recycling won't solve the problem, you should still make the effort to recycle. (It will still help)

2. Be a smarter consumer. Only buy things that you ABSOLUTELY NEED!!! We Americans tend to see something, and think, "OOOO! SHINEY! MUST BE MINE! NOW!" Don't let that happen to you!

3. Don't let those pesky commercials tell you that you NEED something, because you really don't need it. (99% of the time)

4. Don't let other people make you feel bad if you don't have the newest upgrade or if your not wearing the latest fashion trend. Have you ever thought about it? It's only different in 1 little way...

"But then people will notice that I'm different" you might say. But think of it this way: u rn't wearin the new trend, so ur saving the planet. U don't have the newest upgrade, ur saving the planet.

Those other people with the newest upgrade that are wearing the newest trend AREN'T helping the earth. But u are helping the earth, tremendously.

5. Be a smart person and think before doing something. ( do I really need this shirt? This iPhone 5 can wait, can't it? I don't need these shoes, do I?)

6. And then just follow all those other things like reduce, Reuse, and recycle. It will help.

Hope u learned something and are going to give an effort to save the Earth. Thanks! - your friend and home, Earth

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