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How to make a de.cor out of left over vacation cloth!

I travelled to Kenya for my birthday and brought home this piece of clothe that no one wanted from the resort. What better way to save it,I am reminded of my trip every day !


I've been using redstone for about 4-5 years now, and before this class I was just using it for fun and to express my creativity for engineering and technology.

So, when I found out we could use minecraft in class, I automatically just moved to using redstone as a source for completing work.

Originally, I was just going to incorporate redstone into the playable games that we were making in class-

-but as I found my peers asking for more and more help with the things they wanted to accomplish in the game Mr. Issacs decided I would be more useful as a helper rather than a designer, and I agreed.

That's when I grouped up with Nicky and Will to help work on their game and improve it with redstone.

I worked on these contraption while tweaking them based on Nicky and Will's suggestions.

The creator of this guide has not included tools