How to make a custom dog toy box

Make a Custom Dog Toy Box


First you need to gather the supplies, all of which can be found at craft stores like ac Moore or michaels

Sorry for this being upside down

Sorry for this being upside down

Once you have picked out your colors and decorations place the lettering and crate each on separate pieces of weighted down newspaper ( I used rocks)

Now apply the first coat of spray paint to the crate and lettering

Once this has dried you can apply more coats to your liking

Now that the paint has dried, position the letters and decorations to your liking, then apply a very small amount of gorilla glue to the back of the letters and decorations

Press the letters onto the crate, cover with a piece of newspaper and use a weight to help the letters bond

Once it has dried, place your dogs toys in the box and enjoy

  • 1.0 Wooden crate
  • 1.0 Can of spray paint for box color
  • 1.0 Can of spray paint for lettering
  • Wooden letters to spell name
  • Wooden decoration pieces
  • Newspaper or cardboard
  • Gorilla glue
  • Creativity