Before I teach how to make a coin disappear. Let me explain why I'm making this guide.

Unlike all those kids on YouTube that can't perform in real life so they get attention by exposing magic. I've been a semi-professional magician for almost 25 years. So this isn't about exposing magic

This is to give anyone that's interested in magic a starting point.

Over the years I've taught magic to those who are genuinely interested in it (not just secret seakers that only want to know how). This trick is the first thing I teach.

If they don't put effort into truly mastering it, and I mean really master it, I won't teach them anymore.

The trick is easy as far as sleight of hand skills. But in order to pull it off they need to master acting and presentation skills. Which are actually more important to performing magic.

I hope my speech is clear enough in the video. Remember I was deaf until 2 years ago.

The method is simple. You simply pretend to pick up the coin from the pile of coins in your hand.

The acting is what sells the illusion. They must believe you really picked up one of the coins and are actually holding a coin. They must believe you a really put it in your other hand.

A good practice session is to pretend you're holding an invisible coin. Toss it from hand to hand. Pretend to toss it and catch it. Get the timing down as if you're playing with a real coin.

Practice, practice, practice. Don't let the simplness of this trick fool you. When done right it can really fool people. Practice on kids. They love magic.

Once you've mastered this trick. Go to a book store or library and pick up a magic book. I recommend Mark Wilson's book of magic. It's filled with magic and I still learn from it after 25 years.

Also keep in mind that this can be done with any hand full of small objects such as candy.

Make magic and have fun!!!

The creator of this guide has not included tools