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How to make a classic and easy hefeweissen homebrew

Make a Classic and Easy Hefeweissen Homebrew


This is a classic, easy to make, and always delicious brew. I've made it so many times and people who are familiar with the German Hefeweissens say it tastes just as good as the real deal!

Pour water in your brew kettle, mine holds all five gallons, but yours doesn't have to. You can add the remaining volume (top off to 5 gallons) after the boil!

Bring water to a boil, or close to, then turn off the heat. Add the six pounds of Wheat DME. The DME can be from Breiss or Muntons (or other brands), most have a 55% barley to 45% wheat ratio.

Once you've added the Wheat DME, bring the wort up to a boil. As soon as you've got your boil controlled, add the 1 oz of Hallertau hops.

Boil the hops for one hour (60 min). After the hour, turn off the heat, and cool the beer down to 75 degrees or so. Siphon the wort to a primary fermenter and shake vigorously to add oxygen.

Pour the Hefeweissen yeast to the brew. The key is that you get a German Hefeweissen yeast! White Labs is WLP300 or Wyeast is 3068. Both are great! But the YEAST is what gives the traditional flavor!

The Hefeweissen yeasts are quite active, they usually make a bit of a mess in fermentation for me. However you do your fermentation process is good (secondary, all that jazz...)

Add your priming sugars and bottle whenever the fermentation stops. When you pour, pour most of the beer in your glass, then stir up the yeast and pour the rest in - as is tradition with the style!

  • 6 lbs Wheat dried malt extract (DME)
  • 1 oz German Hallertau hops
  • 1 packet Hefeweissen yeast (white labs WLP300)
  • 5 gallons water