How to make a candle

Make a Candle


Sign registration waiver and put on apron. Pick out your jar or candle vessel.

Jar should have a wick glued to the bottom. If it does not, ask your Muse to provide a wick & wick sticker. Be sure to press down really hard on the wick sticker so it adheres.

Decorate your jar. Feel free to use our paint markers, glass paints, ribbons, embellishments (gems, seashells, sticker labels, etc) to create &personalize your candle.Position away from flame.

Fill your jar with soy flakes to the very top and dump into wax melter. You will need to do this twice to get enough melted wax to fill the jar.

Put on warning label sticker on bottom of vessel. Pick out wax color and scent (s). Bring color and scent to counter to fill with wax and mix. Children must be assisted by adult. Wax will burn.

Add 4-5 drops ea of coloring and fragrance and mix into melted wax. Take care to not disturb wick. Keep wick in upright position with supplied clamp or craft sticks.

Your candle should harden in approximately four hours

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