Step one: Fill the kettle up with water (use however much water you want).

Step 2: Grab your noodle packet and place the noodles in the pot.

Step three: pick up the flavouring sachet and sprinkle the powder onto the noodles. (You'll find this sachet in the noodle packet)

Step four: Grab the kettle and pour the boiling water into the pot.

Step five: turn the stove onto medium heat.

Step six: Wait for the noodles to cook. It takes more than two minutes to cook. When the noodles are cooked it should start bubbling and foaming around the edges.

Step seven: Use a fork or some kind of kitchen utensil to take the noodles out of the pot.

Step eight: Pour the juice into the bowl.

Now you can eat! If you wanted too, you can add chilli powder to it. It taste very nice and flavourful with chilli and it's also good if you have a cold.

  • Maggi two minute noodle packet
  • Boiling water
  • Pot
  • Bowl
  • Fork
  • Spoon