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Either-or: Batman is listing off two options making you think they are the only choices available. In reality, there are more choices. Either-or fallacies suggest that there are only two choices.

Name calling: Batman is calling Tate a "four eyes." Name calling is when you call someone else a name.

Oversimplification: Batman is giving an idea that is simple to understand as well as true, but isn't realistic. Oversimplification is a claim that is true, but the argument is unacceptable to most.

Bandwagon: Cody is telling Batman he should get the new iPhone because everyone else is getting it. A bandwagon suggest that since everyone else is doing something, I should too.

Slippery slope: Cody is driving and gets a flat tire which causes him to loose control and crash. Slippery slope suggest that one event will have to lead the other.

Non sequitur: Cody is driving a Honda so he mus be Communist. Non sequitur ties together two unrelated ideas.

Hasty generalization: Iowa beat Nebraska in football so their football team must be better. Hasty generalization is a broad claim made on the basis of a single occasion.

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