In the book Until Tuesday, Luis Montalván suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). He is always having nightmares about the war. To help him stop he constantly drinks alcohol.

Luis was left badly injured when he came home from the war. He had 3 cracked vertebrate in his back and a brain injury. He also needed a cane to walk. He decided he would need a service dog.

The next day, Luis went to ECAD to train with some of the dogs. There were a lot of dogs that were well trained, but there was one dog that stood out to him. His name was Tuesday.

Tuesday however was not the best trained dog. He often got sidetracked and messed up the commands. But Luis didn't care. He then told the manager he wanted to chose Tuesday as his dog.

Luis and Tuesday really had hit it off as soon as he took him home. They would practice their commands, and would play catch. Although the apartment wasn't that big, they both still enjoyed it.

Sometimes they would even sleep together. Luis enjoyed petting Tuesday's stomach as they relaxed. Luis finally started getting some sleep. He was no longer drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

Luis decided that he would take Tuesday to his parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. His doctors said he needed to get rid of all the bad thoughts about the war and start thinking about good things.

When they got to his parents house his mom and dad both threw their arms around Luis and began to cry. His mom however didn't think that Tuesday was the thing that would keep him happy.

One day, while Luis and Tuesday were playing catch, Luis decided that he wanted to go to the park when there was no one there. At night he and Tuesday went out and played catch on the handball court.

At about 8:30 p.m the next day, Luis took Tuesday for a walk when suddenly a cat jumped out of a bush and on to Tuesday's back. A group of people gathered and began to scream at the cat.

Finally the cat retreated to the bushes, and Luis and Tuesday went back to the apartment. About a week later Luis' landlord knocked at his door and asked if his dog Wellington could play with Tuesday.

Since the play date with Wellington went well, Luis decided to attend Barack Obama's inauguration. At the party everyone wanted to pet Tuesday. But Luis didn't let them because Tuesday wasn't ready.

The next day Luis was going on a day with a girl he had met. They decided to take the bus to the restaurant. However, when Luis went to get on the bus the bus driver wouldn't let Tuesday on.

Luis explained that Tuesday was his service dog but the woman would not budge. Luis was sweating and threatened to call the police. Finally the woman let him on. This action made Luis very angry.

The dinner went fine except for the fact that the girl said that she would rather not go out again. As a part of Luis' public advocacy, Luis went to speak about Tuesday. The crowd was very supportive.

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