Step 1. Do not feel pain.

Step 2. Grow accustom to numbness.

Step 3.Do not limit yourself to jumping off roofs. Your god will make everything better.

Step 4. Do not miss pain. It is a feeling you are better without.

Step 5. Wanting to feel pain isn't healthy you know. You're better off letting someone else cry for you.

6. Look at your situation positively. A select few in this world feel no pain. You are on of them. Look at your gift in a new light.

Step 7. Don't feel guilt when your god is wounded.

Step 8. Empathy is not yours to feel. You cannot shed tears for another.

Without pain you will be missing a part of you. It is a good thing, don't miss it. You'll be living half a life, and it's for the better.

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