How to learn the german perfect tense

Learn the German Perfect Tense


So I've not done languages before but German and French are my favourite lessons. So that gives me a boost.

So, in German, you use the perfect tense (Das perfekt) to say what you have done in the past.

In German, it is made up of two parts: the auxiliary or 'helper' and the past participle.

We have haben, for present tense. For example: Ich habe: I have Or Wir haben: we have

Then there is the present tense Hat- has.

Now let's talk about the past participle. Basically like play and played.

We can achieve this by taking off -en and replacing it with -t. Also add -ge in front.

For example: Spielen: Take of -en and replace it with -t. Spielt: Put -ge at the front. gespielt

So this was homework as well and all this was on my Notes. If this doesn't help than please comment on this SnapGuide and I will make an extended one.

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