How to learn a new song easily

Learn a New Song Easily


We’ve all been there: you listen to a new song, and love it. You want to sing it, but you just barely know the melody. It’s time to learn it, my friend!

Get the song you want to learn (you name it! Which song you love?)

This step doesn’t have anything to do with the guide. I just wanted to recommend you Lauren Daigle’s new album, Look Up Child. It’s awesome! Just very good not to share!

Here is where the guide starts: First of all, pick your song, and play it (on Spotify, Youtube, or any other app you use!)

While you are listening to your song, search for the lyrics on internet! I usually use

Sing! While the music plays, read the lyrics, and sing along! Don’t worry if you don’t sing as fast as the singer at first. You’ll improve as long as you keep trying.

Replay the song as often as you can (really!). Even, listen it once, and replay it, still singing along.

While you do chores, such as cleaning, washing the dishes, and even baking, play the song!

When you feel confident enough, quit the lyrics, and start to sing alone. I mean, sing along with the music, but without reading the lyrics. Start with the chorus!

Keep singing! That’s the clue to learn a song!

Soon enough, you’ll be singing the song alone, even without the music!

Hope this was helpful! Keep singing! Name it: which song do you keep replaying all the time? Tell me in the comments! Also, do you listen to Lauren Daigle? Which of her songs do you like?

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