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How to keep your nails long, strong and healthy

Keep Your Nails Long, Strong and Healthy


Dip your nails in olive oil (or your choice of oil) once a week. This is irrespective of the fact that you are doing manicure or not. Oil keeps your nails strong and the skin around your nails soft.

Once a week, you can take some baking soda on a brush tip and start brushing your nails. That will turn your nails white and remove any odd colors on your nail.

Instead of clipping your nails, file them. But, file them in only one direction. If you do it in both direction, your nails get ragged and do not look good.

Do not use false nails. Better try growing your own nails.

Leave your nails free of any nail paint at least twice in a month.

While doing manicure to your hands, do not forget to take care of your nails. Do not let your nails dry. Moisturize them every time you apply moisturizer to your hands.

Your nails show your health just like your hair. So, good nutrition will keep them pink. Improve your diet to include more proteins and vitamins which are important for both hair and nails.

You can whiten your nails in the same way you whiten your teeth. Rub some lemon juice or strawberries. And then rub some olive oil so that they don't get dry.

You can place your nails in a bowl of milk. This would improve the look of your nails. This would serve as a proper manicure.

  • 1.0c Olive oil
  • 1.0pch Baking powder
  • 1.0 Filer
  • 1.0c Milk
  • 1.0 Moisturizer
  • 1.0c Lemon juice
  • 1.0 Strawberry