Making New Year’s resolutions (with the best intentions of seeing them through) is easy. However, achieving those goals is unfortunately considerably more difficult.

#1 HAVE YOU GONE OVERBOARD? ... Instead of resolving to do something that is far too big to achieve, go small by aiming for your "major target" in minor increments.

#2 DO YOU KNOW WHY? ... It’s no use whatsoever to say that you want to accomplish something without knowing the underlying reason why. You can't change what you don't understand.

#3 WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? ... There is an emotional "driver" that lies at the core of your goal. It is essential that you identify this possible "concern" or possible "desire" before you start.

#4 HAVE YOU COUNTED THE COST? ... Prepare yourself for the focus, energy, and obstacles that are involved . Preparing yourself ahead of time will take some of the "surprise" out of challenges.

#5 CAN YOU SEE THE OUTCOME? ... If you have a clear vision of how improved your life will be after achieving your resolution, you are already a long way forward.

#6 DO YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN? ... If you don’t believe that you can achieve something , you probably won't. Actions will only follow your belief that you can achieve it.

#7 DO YOU HAVE A PLAN? ... If you fail to plan, you should plan to fail. In order to hit a target, you must have a target in the first place. Organize your resolution into a step-by-step process.

#8 ARE YOU CHALLENGED BY CHALLENGES? ... It’s a struggle sticking to resolutions. Old habits die hard. Try getting motivated or challenged by the process of overcoming obstacles.

#9 DO YOU FEAR FAILURE? ... Fearing failure can almost guarantee failure. Alter your definition of failing. Make failing to do something to be more dreaded than failing while doing something.

#10 ARE YOU PREPARED FOR SUCCESS? ... Consider the changes in mindset and lifestyle that need to replace your present status in order to accommodate or make room for your new accomplishment.

#11 DO YOU DESERVE SUCCESS? ... Everyone deserves success, if they are willing to work to get what they want. But, you will have limiting thoughts along the way that need to be challenged as untrue.

#12 ARE YOU READY FOR SETBACKS? ... If you are not mentally prepared, such "surprise" challenges can easily throw you off your path. Think about how you will deal with setbacks even before they occur.

#13 ARE YOU COMMITTED? ... Decide what is most important to you and place what you are trying to achieve high in your priorities. You must also decide to see this through no matter what.

IN CONCLUSION ... Once you are comfortable with the idea of attaining your resolutions, it becomes far easier to apply the willpower and to put in the effort needed to get where you want to go.

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