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How to jump into water from up high

Jump Into Water From Up High


Make sure you have everything you need, and make sure that the water is not filled with coral to hit, also make sure it is very very deep, because the higher you jump, the deeper you go

When you jump: Plug your nose, you do not want salt water in it or your throat, don't let go of your nose until you are all the way up to the surface, also, don't keep your feet flat

Keep your feet like a ballerina dancing, keep them pointy, like you are standing on your toes, so that the water cuts through, not hits hard

Also make sure that you are not going to belly flop, or back flop, because then you can become paralyzed by that. So try to kind of pencil dive with your feet pointy, and your nose plugged

  • Recommended: Life Jacket
  • Swim Suit
  • Ocean deeper than 10-20ft
  • Water shoes(recommended)