How to juggle



Grab a ball.

Put it in either hand.

Throw the ball as high as your head crossing your body. Catch it with the other hand. Watch the video to see.

Repeat, but start with the opposite hand you started with. Do this until you do not drop like in the video

Get another ball.

Have one in each hand.

Throw one ball like in step 4.

Forming an X as shown in the next video. Quickly throw the other ball.

Catch one in one hand and one in the other.

Repeat until you are comfortable without dropping them. Do not move to the next step to fast.

Get the third ball.

Put two in one hand. The third in the other.

Throw one of the balls in the hand with two.

Quickly throw the other ball in the opposite hand. Forming an X.

Throw the remaining ball in the hand you started with two.

Catch all of the balls.

Start with three throws and add a extra throw to get better. Eventually run it as long as you can.

Repeat until you can do it without stopping.

Watch the video!

Now that you now how to juggle three balls. You can impress your friends. And have some serious fun!

  • 1.0 An open space
  • Patience
  • 3.0 Balls