So, phonography can be done in a lot of ways. First of all the easy way is the APP WAY. Downloading and using apps for your pictures is an essential step.

These are a few good AND free apps you can download. Please comment if you need specific instructions for each app. Because I've just listed the app names and not how to utilise them.

Luminancer- great effects in form of filters. For real time phonography and not editing. P-blenderLITE -great for blending pictures to create a great effect. Used for editing.

TtvCam free- very nice frames and effects. Trippin' out - amazingly out of the world effects. Panorama- for the phones and tablets without a pano option

Split pic- you gotta download it to find out what it does. 3d camera- for 3d pictures. Fisheye- for the fisheye effect. Pixlromatic- very nice filters. EffectColor- awesome effects.

Trippy booth- to get some trippy effects. VSCOcam- love the filters! Instablend- very helpful in blending pictures. Bezel- for some shapely pictures. So these were just a few necessary apps.

Each of those apps helps in creating amazing pictures. Use one or use all. I call this the "Sit on your bed and create great pictures" way. The other is "get on your toes to create great pictures" way

For this you create your own filters and effects without using apps. This is the DIY filters way with things lying around your house. You can experiment with sunglasses of different shades.

Keep you glasses against the camera and click away. Each pair of sunglasses create different filters. You can even use reading glasses or a magnifying glass for amazing effects.

Next, you can even use wine glasses filled with water or un filled. Use different coloured cellophane papers. A netted cloth can also be used.

Basically you can use anything that is transparent or translucent. Experiment!

  • iPhone or any other phone or tablet with a camera
  • App Store of your phone
  • A few basic skills
  • Other supplies listed as we proceed