Respond to Scene

Secure the crime scene

Survey the scene

Interview complainant

Look for and interview witnesses

Interview the first police Officers on scene. Ask what they saw saw when they first got there, did they obtain any information from victim, etc..

Look for any forensic evidence (weapons, fired bullets,guns,knives,blood evidence)

Request specialty units to respond to scene. (Crime Scene,Ballistics Unit, Latent Print Unit)

Look for video cameras in area to see if the crime is captured on video.

Check background of victim. Maybe he/she has prior arrests for violent crimes

If you have suspect name do arrest record check on him or her so you know if they have violent past

If victim is dead try to identify their next of kin so you can notify them

Interview next of kin to see if victim had any past problems with anyone (past fights or arguments)

See if there are any similar crimes in area. Maybe one person doing similar crimes in area

Check with any Confidential informants in area if the heard anything about this incident

Check with other units in Police Department to see if they may have an on going case in the area.

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