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Here are some things that you may want to look for when interviewing a carpet cleaner:

Look for cleaners and managers that are well dressed, possibly even in uniforms. This shows that the business cares enough about its reputation to enforce dressing guidelines.

Look for organization, both with the workers and the manager. Organization shows that they care as well.

If a carpet cleaner takes special steps (like putting on shoe covers) to protect your home, then they are concerned about potentially damaging homes. ---

---This means that not only will they be less likely to damage your home, but that they also probably have some form of guarantee or damage resolution plan.

Company representatives that come to your home to provide an estimate will probably be able to do a better job than someone who just shows up to start cleaning.

The more knowledge about products, services, brand names and carpet materials that a business manager possesses, the more likely they will be able to do the best job on your specific carpet.

If possible take a look at the company’s equipment. The better shape that the company’s vehicles and cleaning equipment is in, the more money the company spends on maintenance. This is a good sign.

Often reputable or large carpet cleaning companies will offer promotions, sales and coupons. These may reduce the overall price of your cleaning.

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