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How to install mods on minecraft pc (windows)

Install Mods on Minecraft PC (Windows)


Lets get to the point here; Vanilla Minecraft is boring. How can we fix that? Mods, of course! Note that this is only for the PC version of Minecraft.

Firstly, you need to download Forge. Go to Google and search 'Minecraft Forge'.

Once your at the website, scroll until you find '1.7.2 Recommended' (1.7.2 worked for me without having to do anything extra, so I suggest it)

Next, you need to let it download, open up your downloads in your browser, and click on the file.

Once you've done that, a window will pop up, press 'Install Client'.

After the client is installed, you need to open up your files on your computer.

Go to the address bar on your files, and type in '%appdata%', then press enter on your keyboard.

Click on '.minecraft', then there should be a folder called 'mods'. To get mods for your Minecraft, you need to download them from the Internet. I suggest searching 'mods for 1.7.2', and (continued)

(continued) find some through there!

After you've gotten a few mods, open up your Minecraft Launcher, and in the bottom left hand corner, there should be something called "Profiles". Clixl the arrow and then click the Forge profile.

Once you've clicked 'Forge', press Play, and you should be greeted with the Minecraft title screen! Go to SinglePlayer and choose a world, you should now have the mods you installed on the world!

Sorry I couldnt get any photos for this guide, and my last (How To Fix A Broken Home Button), I cant really get photos from my computer, and I couldnt get photos for my last because I dont (continued)

(continued) have three hands or anything... Also, if this guide doesnt work for you, let me know and I will look for a solution! Thanks for reading doods! Take care! ^^'

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