Roll tires onto your boots and carefully line up studs

Finger tighten nuts onto top and bottom studs to reassure its lining up proper

When you don't have the proper air tools and no speed bar u can quickly tighten the nuts with a universal ratchet

When your done lower the vehicle till the tire jut touches the ground so it doesn't spin while torquing

Make sure u torque in the specified sequence for your vehicle and have your torque wrench set to the specific settings

Re torquing to 80 ft/lbs

Re torquing to 80 ft/lbs

When torquing is done it is recommended to go back over it again to make sure there all torqued evenly go for a drive then re torque once again.

  • Torque wrench
  • Ratchet 1/2 inch drive and drive extension
  • Socket set