To help everyone decide on shoes one thing I can't stand is when people are in Nike shox and running. Nike did blow them up by making then look like running shoes but they are actually tennis shoes.

If you run in nike shox your knees will be damaged in the future. No joke and not many people know that.

I choose new balance and here is why.

I choose new balance and here is why.

New balance shoes are made for long distance they have just the right around of arch for long distance runners. And they too are durable

To run long distance there is a lot of technique here are the major ones.

You do not want to here your feet stomp on the ground, work on making it nice and silent, look straight not down, it's really all about form.

Never let your hands or arms cross the middle of your body. It affects your breathing excessively. Don't stiff your arms at all let your feet do the work and your upper body relax.

If you noticed I tucked my thumbs under my pointer finger, that's just to keep my hands from swinging and me from stiffing up my arms. Helps me stay loose.

Watch your Breathing!!! Listen to dubstep it gives you a nice balance between breaths. Not kidding. Keep a comfortable stride. Don't try to change anything that's not you. If it's not you, you lose

Some things to get condition are as follows. Electric pole run-alternate each pole down your street. Start with a walk-jog-run-walk-jog-run. And so on Jump squats for 30 sec, hiesman for 30 sec

  • Proper running shoes.
  • Water
  • Stop watch