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How to im leaving snapguide

Im Leaving Snapguide


Hey guys, I am deleting Snapguide. Why? Because it takes up five gigs of my storage! Sorry but it is what I'm going to do. You can delete it if you would like. But I definitely am. Sorry!

I may be back in a few years. But for now I'm deleting it I would like to get other apps and it will give you back 5 GB of my data I know it's crazy I just want to shout out to all my followers!

So thanks for all the support. Maybe one day I will have my YouTube channel. I could post it and you could just search for me on YouTube all the time Emerson Ray. Thanks guys ill see u later!!!

Bye guys shut out to everybody on Snapguide it is been such a great time for me here on this app thank you for all the followers but have a good time!!

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