A Smarter Planet has emerged making humanity itself profoundly more socialized amplifying the INNATE characteristics that all human beings share - to engage, share knowledge & build relationships.

This is unleashing a new era of human engagement and influence. People can now CONNECT to share ideas at exponential rates, are EMPOWERED to share knowledge, and can easily ENERGIZE new movements.

A new BUSINESS DYNAMIC has emerged as prospects, clients & employees can easily follow what others do, group together, tap into expertise, become more influential, act with speed & build relationships

This has spawned a new kind of CONSUMER who own printing presses, can harvest knowledge as easy as 123, and define the attributes of YOUR brand. Personalization is now the new currency of business.

An entirely new way to WORK is now also a reality. Employees can now more easily engage, access expertise and share knowledge than ever before. Improved Client-centricity is now just a way of life.

Fusing the new kind of consumer with the new way to work has never been more important. New ways of working drives innovation that matters, which drives customer experiences which then drives outcomes

The impact of the BOTTOM-LINE is real. Expense, capital, revenue and loyalty metrics are all effected. Leaders are seeing quantifiable results such as 2.5x rev growth due to more engaged workforces.

And the opportunity to improve is staggering. Only 15% of customers can get the info they need when they need it. 22m disengaged employees cost biz $350b. Only 13% can access expertise they need.

Becoming a SOCIAL BUSINESS is now essential. Smarter enterprises will capitalize on new models to connect, empower & energize the people that will collectively determine the success of the business.

Businesses will need to think differently. Processes need to become experiences, structure more collaboratively networked, closed initiative more collective & business data analytics more behavioral

Thinking differently enables businesses to operate differently benefiting from 3 focus areas - creating passionately engaged workforces, community inspired innovation & exceptional client experiences

Passionately engaged workforces will reinvent how work works, will rediscover what their workforces can do, will make every employee their smartest and will extend the workforce into the marketplace.

Innovation will be community inspired connecting the collective ideas, needs, skills & investment of communities to the business. They'll empower invention continuously w/ improved client centricity

Exceptional customer experiences will become a core competency delivering mass personalization, simplified processes, added-value community networking and actionable insights to shape behaviors

A social business is an INTEGRATED business with a holistically client centric approach, common purpose across roles, and a harmonized market voice fueled by the collective knowledge & insights.

A social business requires an OPENLY customizable platform which is optimized to the unique needs of the diverse roles that make up your organization - all built upon a common, flexible platform

This platform must be build upon enterprise grade SaaS technologies delivering integrated services for cloud, mobile, social, big data analytics & security intelligence...with flexible consumption

Enterprises are rapidly mobilizing for success. Job postings are 20x last year, 74% are increasing investments, CEOs are prioritizing human capital, client relationships & innovation as top priorities

IBM is best positioned to help build social businesses with deep business skills in process transformation, behavioral analysis & roles-based practices - by industry built on proven technologies

IBM's comprehensive array of capabilities span personalized experiences, collaborative networking, collective knowledge & analytical listening delivered through solutions for mktg, HR, PLM, sales, etc

IBM also has an impressive approach to repurposing best practice roadmaps from 1000s of client engagements which starts with role analysis, leading to process improvement, ending with implementation.

The time to act is NOW! Just as e-business transformed the business world over the last decade, social business promises to do the same over the next decade. Success is essential to remain viable.

The CALL TO ACTION .... (1) visit and learn more! (2) join the IBM Social Business communities and engage in discussion with others! (3) let me know whilst you think!

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