There’s this boy I like he’s called Caleb he’s sweet and funny and we hugged...

He asked me to go out with him and I had to answer him at lunch time and as I was walking to the space I was meant to meet him at lunch and ...

As I turned the corner to get there and he was there hugging another girl and when she went I started walking forwards towards him and he hugged me and said so what’s your

Answer? I then started to cry and told him to **** off and walked away two minutes later he was dating the girl he had hugged before and I had a fitt and started crying...

Now I can’t stop thinking about him I still like him but how can I be sure he won’t cheat on me? What do i do? he told me he gladly give up his girl friend for me but his girlfriend is one of my bffs.

Please give me advice on what do I do!!!!!!!!!!?

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