Thank you guys so much for helping me reaching 20 followers!!! 😄 It's time for a contest!!!

My contest for you guys is... A SINGING contest! The rules are simple. 😉😉😉

Rule #1: Enter the title #ASContest on your guide for it.

Rule #2: Your song can be any type/kind of song.

Rule #3: You must like this guide and be following me to enter.

Rule #4: Tell me if you are going to enter by commenting at the end of this guide.

That's it for the rules. I will do a first place and second place winner and a third place if I get enough enteries.

First Place: shoutout, follow, and likes on three of their guides.

Second Place: shoutout, follow, likes on two of their guides.

Third Place (If there is one): shoutout, follow, like on one of their guides.

Thank you all so much for everything and don't forget to enter! This contest will end on July 1st and I will announce on July 2nd.

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