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How to Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better


If you wanna sleep better, there are a few ways to go.

You can buy a new mattress, move to the floor(a personal favourite of mine) or... Witch craft?! Ok, which one of you messed with my notes?

Since I'm not gonna find who decided to make a fool of me, here are some ways I know of to sleep better.

Use your bed as a bed, not a couch. By this I mean limit the things your doing on it. I'm probably the biggest hypocrite ever right now, since I'm writing this ON MY BED!

After five or seven years of use, replace your mattress. Wait, mine is how old? Nine years?! Glad I'm getting a new one soon!

Check out the new technology, since they're way better. They've been adjusted to mold to the shape of your back.

Turn off electronics at night. Studies have proven people sleep better away from their phones then near them. Wait… It's night and I'm writing this on my phone…THE HYPOCRITE RETURNS!!

Don't eat before you sleep, especially chicken or turkey. YOU'LL GET CHICKEN DREAMS!!

Also, don't go to bed on an empty stomach. You'll get... I dunno, hunger dreams?

This one goes without saying, but no caffeine before bed. Seriously. You'll be up all night. UNLESS THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT!! I don't know why that's in caps…

Drink a warm beverage, like warm milk. They say it helps you sleep for a reason, you know!

Don't drink water or juice or stuff before you sleep. Especially not alcohol.

Take a warm bath or shower a few hours before bed. Studies show something in this. I don't know what.

Get comfortable and lower the lights ahead of time. Your body can't tell the difference between day and bright light, so don't confuse yourself.

Obviously turn out the lights when it's time to sleep, and eliminate light sources. We have blinds to block light from the room!!

Put on an eye mask, add some relaxing sounds and take a deep breath. Then, you can comfortably drift off into a deep sleep.

Hey, how'd I do? When you wake up, let me know if I confused you. Now, I'm gonna hit they hay, it's late. Goodnight everyone!

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