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How to Explain Why Ancient Rome Became an Empire

How to Explain Why Ancient Rome Became an Empire


1. Why did the Ancient Rome's no longer want a king? What government did they create? What three parts?

Because they feared Brutus became king. They created Republic.The Patricians,Nobles,Plebeians.

2. Explain what each part of the government was and what it responsible for.

The nobles were responsible for creating a new government! The plebeians were responsible for making up workers to create. The patricians were responsible for to hold the political power.

3. Who was Julius Ceasar? How did he get power?

He was the king of Roman. He got the power by getting along.

4. Explain what happened to Julius Caesar?

Brutus had killed Caesar because he didn't want him to become king.

5. Who is Octavian? What was his name changed to? What type of power did he have?

Octavian was Caesar son. He changed his name to Augustus. He had limitless power.

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