First all of the supplies can be purchased at any beauty supply store. Make sure your hair is completely dry, part your hair the way you normally would & brush it out good.

Take the plastic cap & put it on, pulling it down as snug as you can. Tie it snug, this is important so that the bleach gets as close as possible to the hair roots.

You will notice that some of the holes on the cap have blue circles around them, if you just pull hair through these holes you will get more of a natural effect.

You can pull hair through all the holes for a more dramatic effect.

Take the plastic hook that came with the cap & poke it through 1 of the holes on the hat. Push it through a little bit so that it hooks around several strands of hair. Pull it back through the hole.

Pull the hair completely out the whole. Do this for all of the holes you decide to do. You may have to use a brush or a comb to get the tangles out if you have very long or curly hair.

Once you have all of the hair pulled through brush your hair out good. Now it's time to mix your bleach.

Put your gloves on, the bleach can be very irritating to your skin. In a plastic (it's very important not to use metal at all) bowl, pour the powder bleach.

Start off with pouring a little of the creme developer in the bowl with the powder. You can use the other end of your hook to mix it.

You want your mix thin enough to coat your hair good but not thin enough to run off. I add a little developer & then mix so I don't add to much.

When you get the mixture right then start coating all of your hair. I just use my fingers to do this but they do sell brushes for this at the beauty supply stores.

Make sure all of your hair is completely covered. Then I use a grocery/Walmart bag to cover my hair with a hair clip to secure it.

You will feel your hair getting hot, this is normal. The longer you live the bleach on the lighter your hair will get. The times will differ for everyone.

I do want to add in here, your hair will turn an orange color BEFORE lighting! If you freak out & rinse your hair out then, you will have orange hair!

When it starts turning blonde it will be up to you when to rinse it out depending on how light you want to go. When you are ready, remove the bag but keep the cap on.

Rinse your hair really good, as you are rinsing you should be able to slide the cap off easily. Shampoo & condition your hair.

Your hair will be noticeably drier after highlighting. I always use a good conditioner for weeks after. You may want to do a deep conditioning once a week for awhile.

I hope this was helpful! This is my 1st posting so if I missed something please let me know. Sorry I didn't have any pics, I'll take some next time I do it!

  • Plastic Highlighting Cap
  • Tub or Pouch of Bleaching Powder
  • Bottle of Creme Developer
  • Pair of gloves
  • Any plastic mixing bowl (NO metal!)