How to hide like a dalmatian

Hide Like a Dalmatian


Bark bark! My name is Cherry. I will teach you a very simple and effective way to hide from people.

I am a dog and I spend a lot of time around humans. They mostly like it but sometimes they want me to go away - especially when they eat something good.

Here is what you should do when asked to leave the kitchen: - start going as if you are indeed going to leave - catch a moment when humans turn away - carefully walk back into the kitchen and...

... and stick your head under the table!

That's it! The humans will not see you and you can stand there like forever. Practice this trick and believe me - it works 100%! Enjoy! Follow me to get more useful dog instructions.

  • 1.0 Dalmatian
  • 1.0 Table
  • Humans (as many as you like)