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If he's crying or barking, say " NO" and make this noise : SSHHHT ........ c'mon. Really ?

When you walk him, keep him on your left side, and tell him heel. Also, you could tell him " sit" at every crosswalk.

If they dig in the trash can. I know this is hard, but smoosh their face against the trash can, or get into their space. They don't like that.

If they're jumping. If they're a big dog, put your knee up and kick them in the chest. This will upset them and they don't like it. If they're a little dog, when ever they jump, turn. They'll fall

House training. Yeah. That. You could get a whistle, and whistle it when you catch them, to startle them, and take them out.

Biting you. Well. Push your arm back far into their mouth to gag them. Or if you don't want to do that, whenever he bites, ignore him and look up at the sky, crossing your arms. They'll ignore you to.

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