How to help teachers optimize powerpoint: teacher input.

Help Teachers Optimize PowerPoint: Teacher Input.


Have a more seamless use of music across slides. Now, if you want to play music across a set number of slides, the process is almost hidden. Very difficult to figure out how to do this, though I did.

• Animations, transitions and other options can be pared down to give a cleaner looking palette.

• Persistent media: the ability for text, images, sound, or video to span multiple slides.

• I'd love an interactive timeline template embedded within PPT.

Is there a way to make a slide more interactive so that depending on what you click on it takes you to a proscribed slide, like a "table of contents" type slide?

...a feature of Prezi that PPT might consider is that with Prezi, multiple users can be working on a Prezi at the same time, like a gDoc. This can be very useful on a classroom project.

Needs to be streamlined, transitions and animations pared down in favor of dynamic slides.

Embed video, smoother movement from slide to hyperlink back to slide. If they can come up with a way to include works cited -- that would be a great template.

A larger default font: 26 would be ideal.

I want to be able to ask the students for input; then, based on their response, I want to move to the relevant slide that matches that comment.

Can PowerPoint presentations be functional on the iPad?

Thank you for your great feedback!

Thank you for your great feedback!

  • Laptop or iPad