How to guess someone's age!

Guess Someone's Age!


Can you guess someone's age correctly just by counting it in a simple math equation?

Yes, you can.(: Here, i will show you how to do it. But before that.... "Warning" - this is not a complicated math. Just need some patience, okay?

What do you need? Option 1 - pen and paper(old school way but you must good in Math) Option 2 - calculator(best option)

Ok let's start counting...

Step 1:we try to guess our own age,pretending we don't know it. Just a trial, ok? My age : 26 years old.

Step 2: you pick any number from "1 until 999". I pick number: 258

Step 3: multiply it with 9 = 2322

Step 4: add your age > 2322+26= 2348 . Am i correct?

Step 5: split the result (2348)into single numbers and add it until you get a one number. Example;- 2+3+4+8=17... We add it again.. 1+7= 8. Get it?

Step 6: this part is abit confusing.. You need to start doing few equation in order to guess someone's age right.

Step 7: (1x9)+8= 17 years old OR (2x9)+8=26 years old OR (3x9)+8=35 years old..

Step 8: look at the person and try to guess if his/her age is 17 years old,or 26 years old or 35 years old. Back to step 1:- my age is 26 years old. So you got it right!!

How cool is that!!!

Errrr... Are you still counting..nevermind then~ lol

This trick doest not work IF- 1. The person lying on his/her age 2. Wrongly count. So...

Good luck and start counting now. Kthxbai~

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