A lot of people have trouble getting to sleep at night. In this guide, I will give you some tips on how to drift of for a good nights sleep.

If possible, take a bath before getting in bed. The warm water calms you down.

Make sure all the things you need to do(turn the coffee pot on for the morning, brush your teeth, pack lunches, etc.) are completed!!! That way you won't continually get out of bed to get them done.

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!! The brightness really disrupts your sleep cycle. Put all tempting screens out of reach. If you must have your phone by you, turn it off or set a timer.

Listen to white noise. It's really soothing.

Have a cup of herbal tea, if possible.

Relax your body starting with your toes up to the tip of your head.

If you are comfortable with it, eliminate all light and noise that might be distracting

Clear your mind of worries. It sounds hard, doesn't it? Try listing the things you are thankful for alphabetically in your head or count sheep. I know, maybe a little childish, but hey? Why not?

Give yourself time. Don't give up and start on your phone or tv or a book. Sleep is important. Go to bed early.

Do whatever you need to do. Sleep is a gift from God and I hope these tips help! Sweet dreams!

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